MOK Opens Lucky 8th Specialty Store

Along with the festivities of the new lunar moon, MOK opened its 8th specialty store in the luckiest mall in town – the Lucky Chinatown Mall – last February 15!

18+ adult smokers in Lucky Chinatown Mall enjoyed a highly educational engagement with MOK brand ambassadors as they discovered the world of advantages that MOK brought should they decide to switch to the better alternative to combustible cigarettes.

With a guided walkthrough on experiencing MOK, 18+ adult smokers enjoyed discovering key flagship features of MOK’s flagship heat-not-burn device MOK FWRD. Those who had the experience commended the MOK FWRD’s ease of use, intuitive feedback, and its heating technology. Some even found it exciting that there are seven colorways to choose from and various parts of the device is customizable so users can mix and match the colors to showcase their unique personality.

mok open
mok open

Paired with the MOK FWRD is COO heat-not-burn or heated tobacco sticks. Ten flavors are available at the MOK Specialty Store Lucky Chinatown Mall. Each COO stick is filled with real tobacco leaves that when heated up produces aromatic tobacco-infused vapor. 18+ adult smokers who tried COO with MOK FWRD got to choose their preferred flavor profile and were excited to discover that COO offers a much better flavor pay-off without the burnt tobacco taste – a huge improvement compared to their traditional cigarettes.

Those who were ready to make the leap and switch to the better alternative were offered with a generous special opening offer by MOK. They were given a free MOK device by just purchasing five or ten COO packs.

Find the MOK Specialty Store at the 2nd Floor of Lucky Chinatown Mall. The store is open within mall hours, Mondays to Sundays.

Find other MOK Specialty Store locations here. Shop for MOK online here.

MOK continues to transform the lives of 18+ adult smokers by offering a wide range of heat-not-burn products that are designed to provide a highly satisfying experience.

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