At the heart of every MOK device is the MOK HeatMaster System – a heat-not-burn system that is an integration of technologies that delivers a superior smoke-free experience.

Each component that makes up the MOK HeatMaster System is masterfully designed to allow MOK users to master their tobacco experience.

Next-Gen Airflow System for
a Fully Satisfying Draw

Smoothly draw flavorful vapor in every puff with the Next-Gen Airflow System built into the MOK HeatMaster System. The heating pin at the core of the system efficiently heats up the tobacco leaves for consistent vapor production.

Accurate temperature control is also configured to keep the device cool to the touch, while maintaining just the right internal heating level.

Perfect Tobacco-Infused Flavor
for True Tobacco Enjoyment

With optimized heat control mechanisms, MOK devices are able to maintain just the right temperature to heat tobacco
sticks – producing only rich, authentic tobacco-infused flavors and bold aromas. No burnt taste guaranteed.

Less Waiting, More Moments

MOK devices are the perfect on-the-go companion. With bigger battery built into the devices, there are up to 30 moments or heating cycles to be enjoyed on a full charge. The MOK HeatMaster System also comes into play for faster charging, with less than 90 minutes for a full charge. Pre-heating cycles are also reduced to 15 seconds.

These products are harmful and contain nicotine which is a highly addictive substance. These are for adult use only and are not recommended for use by non-smokers.