You don’t have to be an avid gaming fan to know esports is growing exponentially. Today, it’s where big companies like Nike and Burger King and where investors are keeping tabs. It’s opened up a whole world for new skills and incredible careers, giving rise to millionaires such as famous esports champions and creators. Let’s take a moment to understand what it takes to be an esports champion.

Meet Johan “n0tail” Sundstein

MOK enthusiast and eSports Champion, Johan “n0tail” Sundstein has one of the highest earnings in esports history thanks to a career of hard work and determination. We sat with him to understand his FWRD mindset.

How do you ‘Bring the Heat’ to gaming?

Gaming is my absolute passion, and when you love something, you naturally bring that intensity to any situation. Whenever I’m confronted with a new challenge, it fuels me creatively and motivates me to beat yet another record and redefine my abilities as a gamer.

You started a successful esports team, OG. What is your secret?

I had a vision of creating a team that focuses on friendship above all else and when we started coming together, the roster started taking home major tournament wins.

What words of advice would you have for those who are just starting?

I had a slow start. I was playing for a $200 salary and had four years with no real success.

But hard work gets you where you want to be. Be dedicated and have faith in yourself.

As a striver, what’s your next challenge?

At this point, I want to share my passion and knowledge with up-and-coming talent. I’ve recently started a boot camp in Portugal so right now I’m focusing on guiding these newcomers to big wins.

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Johan challenged himself for 4 years before winning any tournaments and today he’s made over $ 7 million in his career. It’s the FWRD vision that keeps one going and striving for the next, best version of yourself so today take a moment to ask yourself, how can you move FWRD?